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How to stay motivated in your job search

The job searching process can be a long and exhausting one. You've perfected your resume, signed up for email alerts from every major hiring agency and submitted more applications and cover letters than you can keep track of. A few interviews in, and, "We found a better fit for our company," starts to sound like a broken record. It can seem like the career of your dreams is so close, yet so far away. You may even begin to question yourself and your skills. How can it be possible to remain positive when it seems like nothing is working in your favor? Use these tips to revitalize your job search.


When you get into the groove of 'research, apply, submit and repeat,' it's easy to lose sight of what you're doing it for. As your job search goes on, you may find that yourself wanting something different than what you originally intended. Rather than draining yourself by sending hundreds of emails each day, clean up your process by setting daily and weekly goals. Maybe you want to follow up with 2 companies, apply to 2 companies and research 1-2 companies per day. As you research and apply, keep in mind what your career goals are and seek out companies that align with those. When you have clear sight of who you are and what you want, it's so much easier to get what you want out of life.


In such a transitional point in life, nothing is worse than a pessimistic, negative naysayer in your ear. You know who I'm talking about: the ones who try to discourage you from being persistent, convince you to settle, or give you all the reasons why your plans may not work out. No, thank you! Get those people out of your sight ASAP! When you're constantly being fed negativity, it will become you sooner than later. Your motivation, ambition and dreams of success will start to dwindle. Replace the Pessimistic Pattie's and Negative Nancy's with family members, friends and mentors that build you up and want to see you succeed. Good vibes make all the difference in your attitude toward your job search.


As a professional, young or old, LinkedIn is your best friend. Stay up to date with what others are doing in your industry so you don't get left behind. You might come across support groups or other networking events in your area. For more inspiration, read up on how your favorite industry players got to their positions. It'll give you more perspective, open your mind to new options and even help you realize that there isn't always a clear path to success. Connecting with other like-minded professionals could be just what you need to help you overcome the lulls and keep pushing forward.


Get out of that stuffy room! The internet doesn't hold all the answers. Your next job opportunity could be walking down the street or hiding in the poetry joint downtown, just waiting for you to come seek it out. See what industry-related events are coming up. Try out a new coffee shop. Strike up a conversation with the cool looking guy browsing in the book shop next to you. By simply stepping out of your comfort zone, you open up the door to a world full of new possibilities.


Yes, it's important to stay on top of your emails, but it is also important to take personal time for yourself. If you burn yourself out as a job applicant, you'll transfer that energy over when you become an employee. You definitely don't want to start your new job tired and worn-out. Make an effort each week take some time for yourself, whether you pursue a new hobby, go for a run, treat yourself to frozen yogurt or have a night out on the town. These breaks will help keep you refreshed and upbeat.

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