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Why choose Resumes By Neesha?

A custom-designed resume? Why choose this route over just, ya know, doing it yourself? I'll tell you why Resumes By Neesha is just what you need to take your professional life to the next level.


Your resume is really all about YOU. With that belief in mind, I created three resume packages. Whether you want a resume template or a custom resume, the final design and content is all up to you. I'll create a resume that closely reflects your branding and your personality, because you're too cool for a bland black and white resume. Why blend into a sea of black and white when you can let your professionalism shine through with a stellar resume? A custom resume doesn't necessarily have to be flashy, but the right layout, word choice and design elements can make all the difference when employers are viewing your document. I'm here to turn the 6 seconds they were initially going to spend viewing your resume into a full, thorough, pleasant examination.


Quality is everything. Not just design-wise, but content-wise too. I care about your success, so you can count on personalized feedback when consulting with me about your resume. I take the time to get to know you so that I can effectively transfer your personality and experience onto paper. I carefully examine word choice options in addition to the quantity and quality of your experience. As a result, I conduct research to determine what type of content would be best for you. No two candidates are the same, so no two resumes are the same. When you receive your final document, you can bet that hours of careful attention have been given to your resume.


When you secure the position you've wanted, have moved up the ranks and gained more valuable skills to add to your already impressive resume designed by me, I'll still be here to help. Whether you need to change your contact information or need advice about what content you should keep or get rid of, I'm ready to take you to the next level. Once you're a client, your success and achievements will always be a priority of mine.

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